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About Us

Our History

Here at Bailey’s TV we come from humble beginnings. Henry and Loise bailey originally started our business after he retired from the military in 1951. Our stores original location was near Brookley Airfield. We started with a reputation for fairness and quality service that we maintain to this day. We prided ourselves in our knowledge and understanding of the products that we sold and our willingness to stand behind them.

We’ve come a long way since our early days both in the technology we sell and our knowledge and ability in what it is capable of. We are now located at 3700 government blvd. We now specialize in custom home theatre installation. We also carry a full line of Sony, Sharp and Toshiba products and offer professional installation. We also offer the added benefit of servicing what we sell both in and out of warranty o in the unlikely event that should something happen you know that you have a place to bring your television.

We have been in business now for almost 60 years. That in itself should be an indicator of our commitment to excellence in everyway. We are family owned and operated and are currently in our third generation of family employees and while our founder may have retired two of his sons still run the business and two of his grandsons and his daughter work with us as well.

So come on in and help us celebrate this long standing tradition of service and excellence to Mobile.